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About Us

"At The Drag Room, we believe drag should be for everyone. So shopping for drag supplies should be too!"

- Ever spent hours searching for drag costumes, and wished there was an easier way?
- Ever bought drag costumes or jewels online, that didn't look anything like the picture?
- Remember your first days of drag and having no idea where to even start?
- Want a solution?

Us too!

Being on stage was never a problem. But finding drag costumes, men's size heels, oversized accessories, and quality lace front wigs seemed almost impossible. We couldn't even find drag stores in the largest European cities, and nothing showed up online when Googling "where do drag queens shop?". Without the help of others, we would never have known where to start.

At The Drag Room, we know how challenging it can be to be a drag artist. Drag performers, kings and queens alike, need quality products, but at reasonable prices. New drag artists need clear guidance on which products are good or not. Experienced drag performers need countless new costumes, accessories, material, routines... without breaking the bank, but also without falling apart.

So that's where we come in. In The Drag Room, we believe drag should be for everyone. So shopping for drag supplies should be too! That's why we've set up this website. We aim to deliver affordable yet stylish drag supplies, so you can show the world your truth, without breaking the bank.

"As drag artists ourselves, we personally test the products of our suppliers,
and if it's not good enough, we don't sell it."

Because nobody deserves their outfit falling off in the middle of feeling their fantasy.

This store is made by drag artists, for drag artists. We've vetted the suppliers for you and selected only the best, to deliver affordable yet stylish products that we truly believe in. By sharing our knowledge and our best finds, we hope that every drag artist, new or experienced, will have a slightly easier time.

As drag continues to become more accepted and celebrated throughout the world, this is our way of helping that movement. We know our community is stronger together, so we hope our store will make things that little bit easier for the next generation of drag artists worldwide.

Thanks for reading our story,

The Drag Room team -x-