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Drag Queen Eyelashes - 3D M Series (3 Pack)

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Lashes are always in when it comes to drag, and your choice of lashes can completely change a look. For something different to the classic drag #301 lash, we're bringing you not one, but three different types of drag lashes in the 3D M range.

The fluffy lashes in our 3D M range give a soft yet vibrant look:

  • For definition and shape, that shows off your eye makeup, there's 3D M20.
  • For maximum impact, intense volume a wide, feminine shape, it's 3D M22.
  • For a balance of impact and definition: 3D M21.

The 3D M range is durable, reusable and easy to reapply. With good care they can all be used many times. So try them out and feel the full feminine fantasy!