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6 Months Of The Drag Room - Feeling Grateful For Your Support In 2020!

6 Months Of The Drag Room - Feeling Grateful For Your Support In 2020!

6 Months of The Drag Room - Thank You Post
Happy, happy, motivational post!
In 2020 we would have gone crazy without a focus, so we started The Drag Room. Here's how it's going...
With close ties to both the queer community and eCommerce, it always frustrated us that there was not one easy place to buy drag supplies. There were great products out there, but most of the websites were not user friendly.
So we made one.
It's been 6 months since we set up The Drag Room, and looking back, we've already achieved so many things! We couldn't have done it all without you!
✅ Made a deal with THE go-to drag footwear manufacturer, distributing 5,000+ Pleaser USA footwear styles from Pleaser, Demonia, Devious, Funtasma and more 🤩
✅ Ranked on page 1 of Google within 3 months, in USA, UK, Australia, Germany & more.
✅ Connected 26,000 products for sale in the store (including all variants and sizes) 😍
✅ Sold to customers from Netherlands, Belgium, UK & Sweden, to Australia, Canada and USA.
✅ Shipped hundreds of products worldwide!
✅ Learned that shipping times to some of those places takes 3 months in a global pandemic 🥴
✅ Built a wonderful community of 150 dedicated newsletter subscribers. (Love you!)
✅ Created long help guides for new artists, such as 'Where Do Drag Queens Shop?' and '101 Things Every Drag Artist Should Know'
✅ Started Instagram and Facebook profiles, with our first 1,000 followers 🤓
In 2021, there's lots more work to do on the product selection, blog content, and social media. If anyone loves to write drag content and would like to get involved, drop us a message!
We don't yet sell wigs, clothing or makeup (we know you want them!) but our number 1 priority is that any products we sell have to be right, so we're taking our time to curate the right products and suppliers before adding more. As said in our About Us page:
As drag artists ourselves, we personally test the products of our suppliers, and if it's not good enough, we don't sell it.
Here's an image of our visibility (impressions) and clicks (website visits) from Google. The exact numbers are redacted, but the 'flat' bit at the start was when we just got 0 or 1 visits per day, and we're now getting thousands of visits per month, all thanks to you!
6 Months of The Drag Room celebratory post
Thanks so much to everyone that has helped and supported so far. We're looking forward to making this web shop even more useful for the community!
(You also get 10% off your first order with WELCOME10 when you sign up to our newsletter 😉)
The Drag Room Team x

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