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Meet The 10 Queens of Drag Race Holland's Season 1 Cast, at The Drag Room blog

Meet The 10 Queens of Drag Race Holland

    The cast of Drag Race Holland Season 1 has just been announced today 9th September, and the show will make it's Dutch debut on September 18 2020!

    The official video trailer is at the bottom of this page!

    The Drag Room spoke with some of the queens from Drag Race Holland Season 1 and asked what you should know about them. Find out more about them below, and before any conspiracy theories begin... we've listed them in alphabetical order!

    The Drag Race Holland Season 1 Cast:

    1. Abby OMG
    2. Chelsea Boy
    3. Envy Peru
    4. Janey Jacké
    5. Madame Madness
    6. Mama Queen
    7. Megan Schoonbrood
    8. Patty Pam-Pam
    9. Roem
    10. Sederginne

    1. Abby OMG

    Bootylicious Brazilian beauty Abby OMG is a well-know face in Dutch nightlife. Known for her snatched body, fun-loving character, and fierce lip syncs, Abby is one third of Mermaids Mansion, who famously won "House of Superball 2017" at Superball, the biggest drag ball in Europe, and have since become legendary in the Dutch drag scene.

    We asked Abby what Drag Race Holland viewers should know about her and she told us she loves to put other people in drag. In addition to that she said "I can twerk one side of my ass"... Let's hope we get to see that on Drag Race!

    Abby has made multiple appearances on Dutch television, as well as performing regularly at all of the biggest bars, clubs and festivals you can name in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and the Netherlands. We can't wait to see what she can do on the show.

    Follow Abby OMG on Facebook & Instagram

    2. Chelsea Boy

    Shapeshifting drag artist Chelsea Boy adds a futuristic flavour to Drag Race Holland's Season 1. Chelsea Boy is a visual artist with a distinct look in Dutch nightlife; often becoming the muse of photographers for creative handmade costumes and mind-blowing makeup. For example Desiré van den Berg's prize-winning photo series for De Zilveren Camera, and recently Chelsea's appearance in a photo series at CODA Museum.

    Going by the pronouns he/she/they, Chelsea is a front-runner in a strong new wave of non-binary drag; a welcome complement to the female impersonation drag style that many first-time Drag Race viewers may be more used to.

    We're excited to see Chelsea push the boundaries of drag for Drag Race Holland's viewers, and can't wait to see what looks they'll bring to the show!

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    3. Envy Peru

    Envy Peru from Drag Race Holland (Netherlands) Season 1, on The Drag Room blog

    Envy Peru is a well-known name in the Dutch drag scene. Her name 'Peru' comes from her home country, from which she moved to the Netherlands as a child. 

    As a trained makeup artist and keen follower of fashion, Envy is well known for her polished appearance. But as well as turning looks, this fashion-forward, futuristic sex siren is skilled on the stage, performing and hosting regularly in the Netherlands and also across Europe in countries such as Germany, Norway and Hungary.

    Over the past year alone, Envy starred in Dutch movie 'Wat Je Vindt Mag Je Houden', and hosted drag makeover TV show De Diva in Mij, alongside Lady Galore and Hoax Lebeau. Additionally, Envy has a makeup tutorial on Vogue NL, and even did a drag makeover on YouTube legend Nikkie Tutorials, with 3.6 Million views at the time of writing!

    We haven't seen a latin queen win Drag Race since Bianca Del Rio. Could Envy Peru make it happen, on Drag Race Holland?

    Follow Envy Peru on Facebook & Instagram

    4. Janey Jacké

    Introducing Janey Jacké, who brands herself on Instagram as 'The O.G. Miss Fish'; a reference to the coveted 'Miss Fish' award she won in 2013 at European drag ball 'Superball', for the best female impersonator.

    Janey Jacké is a fierce performer who knows how to turn out her choreography! She spent summer 2019 in a coveted residency, hosting more than 190 shows at Elysium Sunset Cabaret in Mykonos, Greece. There she performed a wide range of numbers, with dazzling outfits, high paced choreography and beautiful backing dancers.

    Drag Race Holland won't be her first time on television. Janey currently features in the jury of RTL4's TV talent show All Together Now; the musical hit show which is not just about the best voice, but also the best performance. That's something Janey knows all about for sure.

    Let's see if Janey delivers any fierce performances for us on Drag Race Holland Season 1!

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    5. Madame Madness

    Madame Madness from Drag Race Holland (Netherlands) Season 1, on The Drag Room blog

    Madame Madness is the first bearded queen in Drag Race herstory, and we're here for it! As a highly skilled makeup artist, even a quick visit to Madame Madness' Instagram will leave you wanting more. Make sure you check it out.

    We asked what people should know about Madame Madness, and we can tell you:

    1. H&M's Pride collection featured Madness as a model in Amsterdam in 2018
    2. Madame Madness previously won a worldwide makeup competition for the Lash Extend cup
    3. In a moment of foreshadowing, Madness even got to perform at Paradiso Amsterdam on stage alongside the queens from RuPaul's Drag race!

    Such a unique look is sure to grab attention - it's certainly got us interested, and we know Madness has already been featured in multiple online magazine interviews such as VICE iD and Winq. Even better, as well as Madame Madness, there's also a whole bunch of Madness children, in the new house 'Maison Madness'.

    We can't wait to see how this turns out! Be sure to tune into Drag Race Holland to see.

    Follow Madame Madness on Facebook & Instagram

    6. Ma'ma Queen

    The mother of the House of Holographic Hoes. Ma'ma queen has risen up in the Dutch drag scene in recent years, with a fine group of drag sisters.

    By day, this non-binary beauty is known for their stunning costume creations, and recently even made a piece for Dutch makeup YouTuber Nikkie Tutorials!

    Of course, being a talented seamstress means Ma'ma Queen also makes a lot of costumes to wear, and in a beautiful and diverse range of colors, shapes and sizes. As well as being a talented costume maker, Ma'ma Queen is a great performer, not just for high energy shows like many queens, but also known for beautiful ballads that will capture your heart.

    Before Drag Race Holland, Ma'ma Queen was also featured in a short biopic film at the International Film Festival Rotterdam, and has made great steps in educating others about what it means to be non-binary. We're so happy that Ma'ma will be on the show!

    Follow Ma'ma Queen on Facebook & Instagram

    7. Megan Schoonbrood

    Megan Schoonbrood from Drag Race Holland (Netherlands) Season 1, on The Drag Room blog

    You might recognise TV reality star Megan Schoonbrood from Utopia, the Dutch TV show in which 15 participants lived together in isolation on a piece of land near Laren, with the aim of building a new society. 

    After a record year of winning both Miss Travestie Holland, and Holland’s Best Drag Queen in 2014, Megan went onto the reality show with a strong purpose. She wanted 'to show that cross-dressing is more than just standing on a stage with a little make-up', and worked hard to educate both her fellow residents and the general public about topics such as the difference between crossdressers and drag queens.

    Megan is no stranger to being on reality television, so we're excited to see what she can do on Drag Race Holland, when faced with new and different types of challenges.

    Follow Megan Schoonbrood on Facebook & Instagram

    8. Patty Pam-Pam

    Patty Pam-Pam from Drag Race Holland (Netherlands) Season 1, on The Drag Room blog

    Patty Pam-Pam, queen of creation. This amazing seamstress always looks stunning wearing her own creations on stage. She also creates outfits for many performers in the scene.

    We asked Patty what people should know about her and, as well as this, she pointed out two big wins of hers. Firstly, Patty Pam-Pam was the winner of “Holland’s Best Drag Queen 2017" (after Megan in 2014!). On top of that, Patty attended World Pride in New York City 2019, and won the New York World Pride Edition of Drag Wars!

    Patty Pam-Pam is a witty and theatrical performer who can always make us smile by injecting unexpected funny moments in her lip sync mixes. A queen who can perform and make her own costumes? Watch out for Patty!

    Follow Patty Pam-Pam on Facebook & Instagram

    9. Roem

    Roem from Drag Race Holland (Netherlands) Season 1, on The Drag Room blog

    Roem gave us a fantastic description about herself. In her own words: "Roem is the futuristic dystopian cyborg. This digital diva allowed me to create a platform for myself without going out to clubs, bars or performing on a stage. Almost everything I do is focused on social media, because that's where the future of drag is going. Photos, Videos, Shoots and stunning looks. They are all produced in my own little studio."

    Before Drag Race Holland, Roem made a splash in the drag scene back in 2015 when she created a global viral YouTube hit named 'RaPal Dark Res.' This animated parody on RuPaul's Drag Race was not only loved by the fans, but also the Ru Girls. She tells us "It even landed me a collaboration with All Stars 2 winner, Alaska 5000."

    "Now after 5 years of doing drag I get to compete on the first season of 'Drag Race Holland' which is really a full circle moment for me and it feels like a dream come true. This is only the beginning. I can't wait to take everyone on this journey with me to the future."

    Follow Roem on FacebookInstagram & YouTube


    10. Sederginne

    Sederginne from Drag Race Holland (Netherlands) Season 1, on The Drag Room blog

    Sederginne originally comes from over the border in Belgium, and quickly became a loved face in the Dutch scene, literally. She has one of the most expressive faces we've ever seen, and we love her for it.

    Belgian drag shows are known internationally for being big. Big stages, big outfits, big production value, and Sederginne is right at home with all that. Her shows are always packed with entertainment value, from glamorous costumes and backing dancers, to hysterical lip sync mixes and huge facial expressions.

    Alongside Janey, Sederginne also performed in the highly desirable drag residency at Elysium Sunset Cabaret in Mykonos, Greece through 2019. With that, she's become a known face internationally in the drag scene. There's no doubt she's one to watch on Drag Race Holland!

    Follow Sederginne on FacebookInstagram



    ...and that's all the queens from Drag Race Holland!

    • You can watch Drag Race Holland exclusively on Videoland in the Netherlands, or internationally on Wow Presents Plus.
    • There is also confirmed to be an Extra Lap and Fashion Photo RuView for Drag Race Holland too! We can't wait!

    Which queen do you think will take the crown? Let us know in the comments!

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