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What is a drag room? Discover our favorite drag rooms and we'll show you - The Drag Room

5 Drag Rooms That Will Make You Gag

Drag rooms! Something of every budding drag artist's dreams. But what is a drag room?

A drag room is just as it sounds - a room in one's home, solely dedicated to drag. Who wouldn't want a fabulous and fantastical drag space to use for everything creative.

In this list we show you some of the most inspiring Drag Rooms we've seen on screen. We hope they'll whet your appetite as much as they did ours!


1. Alyssa Edwards - Everything's Bigger In Texas

Our first featured drag room is from one of our favorite dancing and personality queens! In her own words, "Alyssa Edwards' Magical Fantasy Bedroom. She loves "anything that sparkles and shines, that glitters and steals the show", and we do too.

As well as beautiful drag costumes, wigs. and headpieces, Alyssa's drag room is full of pageant crowns, sceptres and sashes. As well as a storage space full of sequinned outfits, Alyssa Edwards' walls are covered with beautiful fan art.

Her drag room looks packed yet organised, so we're happy to know she gets ready by "throwing everything out" - we thought it was just us!


2. Kimora Blac - Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!

Kimora Blac is always "on" when it comes to fashion and looks. From beautiful gowns all the way down to bikinis and strapped heels, she's a queen who can wear a huge range of looks. She's also one of the sweetest people we've ever met. In her own words "count how many shoes I have, because I really don't know".

As well as being a fashion queen. She. Is. Organised! Kimora always knows where everything is, despite her huge collection. And what is her drag room full of? Shoes. "Oh my god, there's more shoes", she says while opening another cupboard.

In this video, Kimora takes us through some of her favorite looks from Rupaul's Drag Race Season 9 in 2017, and some of her favorite moments since.

As well as body and catsuits, there are boots, harnesses, jewels and more in her collection. Living in LA, she says it's a little smaller than her Vegas drag room, but honestly we think it's just to die for.


3. Laila McQueen - Make It; Wear It; Repeat

Laila McQueen lives in Chicago, and that means her drag room can be even bigger than many others. Since Drag Race she's Makes her own costumes. Varied collection and not afraid to be weird.

Since Drag Race season 8 in 2016, Laila got the opportunity to tour worldwide and "saved that money and put it towards having this creative space to live and work and do whatever [she] wants to do" 

We love her gender-bending drag, spanning from butch to femme, via androgynous and everything between.

"I make 95% of [my outfits]" she says, giving a walkthrough of multiple beautiful jackets and costumes. So her drag room contains sewing paraphernalia as well as costumes, a makeup station and countless wigs. A dream setup for any artist.

A local Chicago designer at V Leather has supplied her with all kinds of leather harnesses, straps, chokers and bracelets that we can't help being envious of. Take a look and prepare to be filled with envy


4. Patrick Starrr - Organisation Station

First up, Patrick Starrr does not identify as a drag queen. Clear? Ok. But how could we not feature such a beautiful and inspiration room as this one? It's full of stunning shoes, sequinned costumes and tons of jewelry, and more than anything, this video gives a lot of detail on how to organise your stuff. Great inspiration for anyone.

Patrick's shoes are organised by color, and there are hundreds of pairs. After that comes outfits, where he casually shows us matching stoned shoes and costumes. What is a drag room without a bit of glam!

As well as being full of amazing finds, Patrick's video has lots of tips on where to buy your shoes - always good to know! 


5. Monét X Change - Wigs For Days

Ok so this one's not technically a drag room, but who doesn't love Monet X Change? So here's an honorable mention.

"A wig can make or break a look" she says, as she walks us through some of her favorites. "This one is Kourtney, or Ashley, or Kelsey, or Mary-Kate" she says, seemingly naming her wigs aptly on the spot.

Seeing the variety in Monet's wardrobe show why she's such a well-deserved All Stars winner. How many people can truly pull off a blonde pussycat wig one day, and a 60 inch black wig the next?

Her most expensive is a full lace human hair wig that cost $1500. Her advice for new artists: "Before you start investing in wigs, know this: They are expensive. Especially for drag queens - Lots of drag hair is custom". Looking at hers has definitely given us some inspiration.


So now you know what a drag room is. Or, in case you already knew that, we hope this list has given you some great inspiration for the future of your drag artistry. 

For some ideas of how to fill your drag room, why not check out our extensive collection of drag supplies?

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